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book1-320pxPublished by The Alpine Garden Society

The Eastern Alps have taken off, as a popular destination for walkers, with a marked increase in budget flights to these parts. In this 2nd volume of the Mountain Flower Walks series, 37 walks are described with accompanying maps, along with suggested plants that can be found during the main flowering season. The book is illustrated in colour throughout, with a major contribution to the pictures from world-renowned photographer, Dieter Schacht.

While the Dolomites, Lake Garda and the Austrian Tirol will lead the popularity charts, the walks described in neighbouring ranges and the “Hidden Jewel” of Slovenia should prompt many more hikers and keen plants folk to seek out the walks covered in this book.


book2-320pxPublished by Timber Press

Few areas on earth deserve as many superlatives as the Himalaya. Home to the world’s highest mountains (its name in Sankrit means “abode of snow”), the Himalaya has long topped the list of mysterious and breathtakingly beautiful travel destinations. Though few of us may be fortunate enough to follow in the famous explorer’s footsteps, hundreds of Himalayan plants, from blue poppies to dwarf rhododendrons, are available for the home garden. Any gardener who wants to steal a piece of Shangri-la can find it in a nursery catalogue if he or she knows where to look.

The Himalayan Garden is unique in its exclusive focus on Himalayan plants as garden plants. Never losing sight of the dramatic landscape of which they form a part, author Jim Jermyn sets out to offer practical information on a range of plants for every garden situation. Adamant that these plants are not worth growing if they are not grown well, he gives gardeners the tools they need to try primulas, gentians and many other plants with a reputation for being difficult to grow.

Stunning photos of plants, many taken in the Himalaya, have been contributed by world-renowned photographer, Dieter Schacht

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