My Classical Music, March

Mozart Symphony No 28 in C major, K.200

This month it is my intention to draw your attention to a piece of music one hears all too infrequently and, in my opinion, is deserving of wider recognition. For those, like myself, who enjoy the lighter end of the broad “classical” range of music, this piece is real fun, full of frivolous laughter reminding me of Mozart’s ” Magic Flute”.

Mozart composed the symphony in either 1773 0r 1774 in Salzburg. I am amazed that the young Wolfgang would have been either 17 or 18 and could compose such an enjoyable, yet momentous symphony with such a lack of experience. He was a genius, for sure. The sound of horns is prominent in the second movement and then in the third Menuetto movement there is a solo horn briefly echoing part of the minuet’s opening phrase. The final movement is full of “furious comical unison”. Superb.

I hope readers of this recommendation will gain as much pleasure from this piece as I have done.

  • Sources: Telarc Mozart Symphonies 25, 28 and 29 Prague Chamber Orchestra, Sir Charles Mackerras available from Amazon UK
  • DG Mozart Symphonies 28 and 33 Vienna Philarmonic Orchestra, James Levine, available from Arkiv Music