JimI would like to introduce a new dimension to alpine plant websites and focus on plants of distinction, sharing my experience of them, both in nature and in cultivation. This is a form of social-networking that incorporates three decades of shared knowledge from some of the most knowledgeable plantsmen and women. For all this I am greatly indebted.

I will, in due course, once again offer a limited range of plants and seeds on a commercial scale. It is my intention to primarily promote the plants by means of: lectures, books, recommended walks in the Alps and highlighting favourite plants to the reader.

As many of you will know, I am passionate about plants, their habitats in nature and the challenges of cultivating them in lowland gardens. I enjoyed an extended education which commenced in Hertfordshire, encompassing a diploma course at Oaklands followed by spells at the Munich Botanic Garden, W.E. Th. Ingwersen Ltd and Jack Drake’s Nusery. I was also very privileged to help set up a nursery on the side of Lake Garda for the late, Herr Wurdig. This marvellous experience set me up for the eventual role as proprietor of the established Edrom Nurseries, the position of which I enjoyed for 20 years until 1999. Since that time I have been immensely proud of the way Cath and Terry have continued to uphold the great tradition of the name.

Over the years I have enjoyed sharing my experiences by lecturing to specialist horticultural societies in the UK, Europe, USA and Canada.

It is my great wish to engage with fellow gardeners/plants folk and share my passion for a group of plants that never fails to provide challenges and thrills, alike.

Jim Jermyn