Spring Wine Choice 2014

Soave Classico 2012 Inama DOC

I have to say that this Soave has always been one of my firm favourites, a truly fine wine from this celebrated region of Veneto. This is an area steeped in history, with the Garganega grape, from which this famous wine is made, being first planted here by the Romans. The Inama estate, which I am highlighting was founded in 1960 and is owned by Stefano Inama today. Their Classico wine is grown on some 25 hectares of basaltic lava substrate and the grapes are hand-harvested then fermented in stainless-steel vats with 8 months maturation prior to bottling.

For me, this wine delivers an elegant nose reminiscent of meadow flowers with an exquisite taste of apricots, honey and almonds. It is light-yellow in colour and has a rich texture with an elegant finish – quite superb. I can happily enjoy this wine as an aperitif but would choose to enjoy it with some fine, locally caught and prepared Sea Bass or a flat fish. This is certainly a wine to savour, however it may require some diligent search from a local wine merchant.