A Summer Wine to Celebrate

Bottega Vinai Trentino – Gewurztraminer DOC

gew0711This is a guaranteed favourite for all those lovers of this exquisite grape more commonly offered from the Alsace or the New World. Having studied in Northern Italy on the shores of Lake Garda, I was able to explore the localities around this part of N. Italy. I had the opportunity to take part in a Wine Festival in Tramin (Termino-Italian) on two occasions, a lot of fun and highly recommended if a taxi is available! It is believed that this famous grape owes its origin to this part of Trentino – Alto Adige and it is a splendid area to explore, within breathing distance of the Dolomites. As you travel by car from the Brenner Pass on an elevated section of the Autostrada you can look down on the intensive cultivation of fruit and vegetables and admire the steep South-facing hillsides of vineyards.

I am particularly attracted to the dry expression of the wines made with this grape in these parts. My supplier in Scotland is Valvona and Crolla and their tasting notes cannot be improved upon, “intense and persistent on the nose, bright straw-yellow with golden hints. On the palate it is elegant and structured with hints of honey, lychee and exotic fruit”. If a little time can be spared to take in the tasting notes as one enjoys this wine I would challenge the reader to try and identify these fruits, a most rewarding experience. I can savour this wine when accompanying it with a well-chosen Bergkase (a firm mountain cheese) local to the Dolomites. A favourite of mine is the outstanding cheese from Sexten (Sesto), a wonderful cheese monger with a fine range of cheeses made from milk produced from the richest of alpine meadows!! What could be finer?

Supplier: www.valvonacrolla.co.uk

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